How well does a MacGregor 26 sail?

How well does a MacGregor 26 sail?

Having owned and sailed a 26S extensively for three years, it indeed sails fairly well and lives up to its reputation of being a roomy and easily trailered pocket cruiser. This sailboat can meet most budgetary needs and has room enough for a family of three to cruise for up to a week at a time.

What is the status of tattoo yachts?

Tattoo Yachts has ended production of the 26, and is currently not producing any new boats. They continue to develop their new Tattoo 22, we will post any new information about it’s development and possible future production.

Do they still make MacGregor 26?

The MacGregor 26 is an American trailerable sailboat, that was designed by Roger MacGregor and first built in 1986, with production ending in 2013. The boat was built by MacGregor Yacht Corporation in the United States.

Who makes Tattooboats?

We are Paul Sharp and Laura MacGregor Sharp. Our family has been building boats under the MacGregor brand for over 50 years.

What type of boat is a MacGregor 26?

small recreational sailboat
The MacGregor 26 is a small recreational sailboat, built predominantly of fiberglass, with models designed for sailing and motor-sailing. It has a fractional sloop rig, a transom-hung rudder and a centerboard or daggerboard keel, depending on the model, with flooding water ballast.

What does a swallow tattoo mean in sailing?

Swallow tattoos are one of the most popular in the navy and have a number of meanings. Each swallow represents 5,000 nautical miles in a sailor’s career. The circumference of the earth is 21,639 nautical miles – about 4.16 swallows. A swallow with a dagger would be used as a memorial of a lost comrade at sea.

Is the MacGregor 26 sailboat a good boat?

The MacGregor 26 Sailboat is a trailable sailing boat. It is also a water-ballasted trailer sailboat. This boat is 26 feet long and is not difficult to rig and sail. Its most attractive quality is not its ability to sail but its capacity to perform as a fast power cruiser. This sailboat is capable of cruising at 22 miles per hour.

When did the MacGregor 26M come out?

It was replaced in production by the dual-rudder MacGregor 26M in 2003. Daggerboard-equipped, dual-rudder, rotating spar, motor-sailing model introduced in 2002 and produced until 2013. It is capable of 19 kn (35 km/h) under power, with no water ballast.

What is the draft on a MacGregor 26x?

It has a draft of 6.33 ft (1.93 m) with the centerboard down and 1.25 ft (0.38 m) with the centerboard up. It has a hull speed of 6.5 kn (12.04 km/h). It was replaced in production by the dual-rudder MacGregor 26X in 1995. Centerboard-equipped, dual-rudder, motor-sailing model introduced in 1995 and produced until 2003, with 5000 produced.

Do you roll your eyes when you mention the MacGregor 26M?

None of this makes immediate sense, but the mention of a MacGregor 26M makes eyes roll… in slow motion… all the way around. There are cases of sailors going to the emergency room from rolling there eyes too hard when someone mentioned the MacGregor 26M – that’s how severe all this is.

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