Is Dakshin Express good?

Is Dakshin Express good?

breakfast had cutlet and bread, idli, upma, etc and it was nice. the train was punctual. After facing a pathetic travel expirence while coming to Hyderabad in Humsafar,the return journey was just opp,really amazed by the service of on board house keeping,cleanliness, punctuality & food quality of train.

Where is Nizamuddin Express now?

The departure time for 12643 Tvc Nzm Express from Trivandrum Cntl is 22:38. The arrival time to H Nizamuddin is 18:12….12643 Tvc Nzm Express Running Status.

Station Coimbatore Jn 411 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 08:01 23:17
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 08:13 23:20
Delay 8hr 53min
PF/Halt – 12min

Where is Dakshin Express train?

12722 Dakshin Express Train Time Table

Station Arrives Platform
MATHURA JN (MTJ) 00:45 1
AGRA CANTT (AGC) 01:35 1
MORENA (MRA) 02:53 1
GWALIOR JN (GWL) 03:20 1

Where is Kerala Express now?

The departure time for 12625 Kerala Express from Trivandrum Cntl is 12:30. The arrival time to New Delhi is 13:15….12625 Kerala Express Running Status.

Station Renigunta Jn 903 km
Arrival Status Actual/Scheduled 05:18 05:18
Departure Status Actual/Scheduled 05:20 05:20
Delay On Time
PF/Halt – 2min

Where is Kerala Express train?

Trivandrum is located in the state of Kerela and New Delhi is located in the state of Delhi. The two cities are located at a distance of 3035kms. The train 12625 is named as Kerala Express….Kerala Express -12625 ( Trivandrum Cntl to New Delhi )

Station name (code) Tiruvalla (TRVL)
Arrives 13:31
Departs 13:32
Stop time 1 min
Distance travelled 135 km

Is linen provided in Dakshin Express?

Fresh Linen and blanket available as kit, please take a new one while boarding. Coaches are clean, OBHS is onboard HYB part.

What is the train number of Dakshin Express?

Exp 12722
Dakshin Exp 12722 runs from H Nizamuddin to Hyderabad Decan, 7 days. The Dakshin Exp 12722 mail express departs from H Nizamuddin at 10:50 hrs and arrives at Hyderabad Decan at 03:50 hrs.

What is the running time of 12721-Nizamuddin Express?

The 12721 – Nizamuddin Exp runs from HYB (Hyderabad Decan) to NZM (H Nizamuddin). Nizamuddin Exp runs on 7 days of the week. The 12721 mail express train departs from Hyderabad Decan at 10:30 hrs and arrives at H Nizamuddin at 04:05 hrs. The total running duration of 12721 train is 29hr 35min, stopping at 47 stations during the journey.

What is the time table of 12721 train in Hyderabad?

It uniquely identifies itself with train number 12721. At the top of the page, one can find the 12721 train route and the 12721 train time table. It departs from the source station Hyderabad Decan (HYB) at 22:30 on day 1 and reaches its destination station Hazrat Nizamuddin (NZM) at 04:05 on day 3.

What is the current status of Dakshin Express 12721?

It does not represent current status Dakshin Exp (12721) runs from Hyderabad Decan to H Nizamuddin. This mail express covers a distance of about 1676 km. The fare classes on this train route are 2A,2S,3A,SL and ticket bookings can be made using the following quotas: GN,TQ,SS,LD.

What is the total halt time of 12721 HYB NZM Dakshin Express in Hyderabad?

It is the 23rd station in the train route of 12721 HYB NZM Dakshin Express at a distance of 702 Km from the source station Hyderabad Decan. The station code of Pandhurna is PAR. The arrival time of 12721 at Pandhurna is 10:49. The departure time of train 12721 from Pandhurna is 10:50. The total halt time of train 12721 at Pandhurna is 1 minutes.

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