What are the ethical issues with medical marijuana?

What are the ethical issues with medical marijuana?

A primary ethical concern is whether it is possible for the benefits of medical use of marijuana to exceed its known risks, and whether it should be recommended without the usual protections afforded to patients, according to Nussbaum.

What are the different ethical theories?

These three theories of ethics (utilitarian ethics, deontological ethics, virtue ethics) form the foundation of normative ethics conversations. It is important, however, that public relations professionals also understand how to apply these concepts to the actual practice of the profession.

Should marijuana be legalized for medical purposes?

The movement toward legalization of marijuana for medical purposes is based in part on the belief that the substance has beneficial medical effects. But there is debate on this point. The debate over legalizing medical marijuana centers squarely on the definition of a Schedule I drug and whether cannabis should still be considered as such.

Is medical marijuana safe and effective?

Due to discomfort around conducting clinical trials over the value of medical marijuana, we don’t have enough data to confirm that medical marijuana is truly a safe and effective method of alleviating certain symptoms and ailments such as chronic pain, anxiety, sleeplessness, and lack of appetite.

What determines the legal status of medical marijuana?

Thus the legal status of medical marijuana is determined by whether or not it has an “accepted medical use in treatment in the United States.” The California Medical Association suggests marijuana could play a role in treatment of serious medical conditions.

Does legalization of medical marijuana lead to more children being poisoned?

Before the legalization of medical marijuana in Colorado, there were no reported instances of children being poisoned with the drug. Some are concerned that legalization of medical marijuana will lead to wider acceptance of illegal drugs, that marijuana will serve as a “gateway” to other drugs.

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