What does PDG stand for Air Force?

What does PDG stand for Air Force?

Kevin Williams, 50th Space Wing Public Affairs. Hard copies of the new Professional Development Guide arrived and are being distributed to units here. Airmen are also encouraged to go to http://pdg.af.edu to obtain the latest PDG.

How do I study for the Air Force WAPS test?

Now, from Denter and other chief master sergeants, here are seven tips and strategies for acing the WAPS tests:

  1. Start early.
  2. Use the MKTS survey.
  3. Go by the book.
  4. Use a variety of resources.
  5. Establish a study routine.
  6. Take notes and highlight.
  7. Relax and test well.

How many pages is the Air Force PDG?

389 pages
Dated 1 Oct 2017, 389 pages, including front and back cover. Includes chapters 1-19 and attachments (MKTS) and is for studying for promotion to TSgt.

What is Air Force Adtc?

The primary purposes of the Staff Sergeant Study Guide’s Airman Development and Testing Chart (ADTC) are: 1) to identify Air Force testable content for promotion fitness examination (PFE) testing; 2) enable Airmen to organize and prioritize individual study time based on identified testable content; and, 3) provide all …

What do I bring to my WAPS test?

Bring a valid military ID card to any testing session. 1.19. 5.10. Bring the minimum personal items possible into the testing room.

How long does it take to read the PdG?

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What is PFE Air Force?

Starting with the 22E6 and E5 promotion testing cycles, the Air Force will begin using Situational Judgment Test questions as part of the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE).

How is the WAPS test scored?

The combined score from the first four weighted factors are comparable for most eligible Airmen with a typical 5-15 point variation. The two tests administered under WAPS are the Specialty Knowledge Test and the Promotion Fitness Exam, each with 100 questions and a corresponding 100 point maximum.

Do you have to be in uniform for WAPS test?

Examinees must wear an authorized uniform or the uniform of the day when testing (AFOSI agents may be tested in civilian clothes).

How are WAPS tests scored?

How long do you have for WAPS test?

1: Airmen who deploy at least 90 days in support of a contingency operation 60 calendar days testing preparation time. The 60-day testing preparation time includes any leave, special pass, compensatory time off (CTO), and / or rest and recuperation (R&R) taken upon completion of the contingency TDY.

What does PdG test tell you?

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How do I check my PdG level?

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Where can I find the Air Force professional development guide?

RANDOLPH AIR FORCE BASE, Texas (AFNS) — The latest version of the Air Force Professional Development Guide is now available online for all Airmen. The 500 page, 30.8 MB document is of particular interest to enlisted Airmen in the ranks of staff sergeant through senior master sergeant who want to begin studying for their next promotion examination.

Can airmen access promotion study guides online in audio form?

“Ensuring Airmen have complete control over their ability to access promotion study guide material online in audio form is a top priority,” said Chief Master Sgt. Steve West, AFH 1 program manager at Air Education and Training Command’s Studies and Analysis Squadron, who oversees the enlisted promotion study guide development team.

Why is there an audio version of the PDG?

The addition of the audio version of the PDG and future interactive learning chapters are in response to requests made by NCOs who participated in Military Knowledge and Testing System surveys upon request by the AFMOS Occupational Analysis Flight.

What is the airman development and testing chart?

The Airman Development and Testing Chart (ADTC) is used by the Air Force to identify the relevance of Air Force Handbook (AFH) 1, Airman, testable content for the Promotion Fitness Examination (PFE) as well as to determine subject matter content for inclusion in applicable enlisted promotion study guides.

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