What happened to Aaron Martens pro fisherman?

What happened to Aaron Martens pro fisherman?

Aaron Martens, a champion professional fisherman who was a three-time Bassmaster Angler of the Year, died Thursday from brain cancer, his family said. He was 49. Martens’ wife, Lesley Martens confirmed his death in a Facebook post Thursday night.

Did Aaron Martin pass away?

November 4, 2021Aaron Martens / Died

What professional bass fisherman died recently?

Legendary fisherman Ray Scott, regarded as the “Father of Modern Bass Fishing” for turning a regional leisure sport into a multi-billion-dollar industry, has died. He was 88. Scott passed away in his sleep Sunday night at his home in Alabama, according to an announcement on Bassmaster.com.

When did Aaron Martens pass away?

November 4, 2021Aaron Martens / Date of death

Is Kevin Van Dam still fishing?

Mossy Oak Fishing Pro Kevin VanDam of Kalamazoo, Michigan, is one of only two professional fishermen to win four Bassmaster Classics.

What Major League fisherman died?

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) has confirmed that angler Pete Spencer Lammons Jr., 77 of Houston, Texas, was fishing near the San Augustine Park area on Sam Rayburn Reservoir when he fell overboard. Lammons was competing in the MLF Toyota Series event at Sam Rayburn.

Which fishing legend died?

Ray Scott
Ray Scott, the internationally-known outdoorsman, conservationist and businessman known as “Mr. Bass,” has died. Bassmaster Magazine posted Monday that Scott died Sunday night about 11:30 “… peacefully in his sleep of natural causes.” He was 88.

How old is Aaron Martens?

49 years (1972–2021)Aaron Martens / Age at death

What happened to Al Lindner?

Finally, with the help of his wife and family and a local preacher, Lindner gave his life to Jesus in 1982.

Is Kevin VanDam still fishing professionally?

What state does Jacob Wheeler live?

Wheeler and his wife, Alicia, just moved to Tennessee from his hometown, Indianapolis, Indiana.

When did Aaron Martens get sick?

April 2020
Martens suffered a series of seizures while fishing with friends in early April 2020 and tests revealed two brain lesions.

Are James and Al Lindner brothers?

Recognized as one of the best directors and producers in the outdoor industry, James Lindner is the son and nephew—respectively of Ron and Al Lindner.

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