What really happened at the end of We Were Liars?

What really happened at the end of We Were Liars?

Cadence finally recalls that the Liars were all trapped inside Clairmont, too. They all died in the fire. She was the only one who escaped. The people she’s been hanging with in Cuddledown all summer are ghosts.

Does We Were Liars have a sad ending?

I loved the book bit the ending was so sad! I was crying! I knew there was going to be some big twist at the end so I kept looking for clues and stuff. I had an idea of how it would end right before Part 5: The Truth.

How did Cady end up in the water in We Were Liars?

She, Johnny, Mirren, and Gat set fire to Clairmont—they burned down the castle of the king with the three beautiful daughters. Cady remembers this so suddenly that she falls over and plunges into the ocean and all the way to the bottom.

What was the secret in We Were Liars?

We Were Liars is a YA mystery involving a group of teenagers who vacation with their family on a private island during the summers. When summering on the island, one of the teenagers, Cadence, ends up with a brain injury as the result of a swimming accident when she’s 15.

What happens to Cady when she tries to remember summer 15?

Cadence spends most of her time with them trying to remember what happened, and why they didn’t contact her after her accident. She remembers summer fifteen in bits and pieces. Ultimately, she remembers that the Liars burned down Clairmont because they were sick of their mothers fighting over the inheritance.

Did Cady cut herself in We Were Liars?

Every time Gat said these things, so casual and truthful, so oblivious—my veins opened. My wrists split. I bled down my palms.

Why is Cadence a liar?

Cadence identifies herself as a liar, and it’s obvious she was raised to obscure the truth in the name of appearances. The Sinclair sisters are in complete denial about the fact that they’re living above their means. Rather than facing reality, they fight each other for a bigger chunk of inheritance money.

What was the point of We Were Liars?

We Were Liars focuses on the theme of consequences of one’s mistakes. It is centered on the wealthy, seemingly perfect Sinclair family, who spend every summer sitting gathered on their private island.

Are Candace and GAT related?

Cady vacations on Beechwood every year with her mother, two aunts, and—most importantly—the other liars of the title: cousins Mirren and Johnny, and Gat Patil, the nephew of Aunt Carrie’s longtime boyfriend.

Are Mirren and Johnny siblings?

He is Carrie’s son and Johnny’s younger brother. One of the younger Sinclair grandchildren. He is Bess’s son and Bonnie, Liberty, and Mirren’s brother.

What lesson can be learned from We Were Liars?

Personally, I believe there is a lesson or two to be learnt from We Were Liars, particularly the one that no matter how rich and successful you are, money can’t buy happiness or a perfect life, that in actual fact the model of ‘perfect’ is impossible to achieve.

What is the meaning of the title We Were Liars?

Laura Cristescu Because their Nanny was trying to find out who was guilty for some nuisance they did as children, and their lies were so bad, she called them Bad Liars. The name stuck. This explanation is given by the author on the luxury edition of the book.

What is the secret in We Were Liars?

What is the moral of We Were Liars?

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