What region is a postcode in?

What region is a postcode in?

What is a Postcode Area?

Postcode Area Postcode Area Name Region
AB Aberdeen Scotland
AL St. Albans East of England
B Birmingham West Midlands
BA Bath South West

How many postcode regions are there in the UK?

124 postcode areas
In the UK there are 124 postcode areas e.g AB. This consists of 121 UK postcodes and 3 postcodes which apply to the Crown Dependencies of Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man. Each postcode area is divided into postcode districts e.g. AB12 and each postcode district is divided into postcode sectors e.g. AB12 1.

What is the biggest postcode area in the UK?

What is the biggest postcode area in the UK? The biggest postcode area is IV , also known as Inverness. It is made up of 52 postcode districts for post towns.

Where is postcode XX40?

Retailer XX Postcodes
H&M XX40 1HN
Oasis XX40 1YY
Shein XX40 3SS
Sky XX40 4UU

What are the 4 regions of the UK?

The United Kingdom (UK) is made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland.

How do I read a UK postcode?

The outward code includes the postcode area and the postcode district, respectively. The inward code includes the postcode sector and the postcode unit respectively. Examples of postcodes are “SW1W 0NY”, “PO16 7GZ”, “GU16 7HF”, and “L1 8JQ”.

How much area does a postcode cover?

The average size can be obtained by dividing the area of the UK, which is about 244,000 square kilometers, by the count, which is approximately 1.7 million postcodes in the UK. That gives 0.144 square kilometers (0.0554 square miles) per postcode.

Can Google maps show postcode areas?

Google Maps has added a feature where it will highlight in a pink color the borders of a city, postal code or other borders based on your search. To see it yourself, go to Google Maps and search for a city name or even a zip code. You will see a pinkish highlight around the border.

What was the first postcode?

The first postcodes were introduced on a trial basis in Norwich in 1959 with the first three characters of the code (‘NOR’) representing the name of the city, and the last three characters a particular street. Larger firms and businesses received their own individual codes.

How are postcodes decided UK?

It is a hierarchical system, working from left to right — the first letter or pair of letters represents the area, the following digit or digits represent the district within that area, and so on. Each postcode generally represents a street, part of a street, or a single premises.

Where is postcode bx8 0hb?

Map of B38 0HB postcode

Parish Wythall E04010276
Local Authority District Bromsgrove E07000234
Local Authority Worcestershire E10000034
County Worcestershire E10000034
Constituency Bromsgrove E14000605

What are the 4 regions?

The US Census Bureau, for example, considers there to be four regions of the US: the Northeast, the Midwest, the South, and the West.

What is the UK region for all postcodes?

A Table That Shows The UK Region For All Postcode Areas Postcode prefix Postcode district UK region DG Dumfries Scotland DH Durham North East DL Darlington North East DN Doncaster East Midlands

Can a postcode district be assigned to different regions?

First because the link was incorrect, and second because it is possible for postcode districts in the same area to be assigned to different regions. That’s a ‘health warning’ that should accompany the above table.

Where do cities get their postcodes from?

Many large towns and cities take their postcode from another large town or city, often in a different county. Basingstoke (Hampshire) has RG postcodes (Reading, Berkshire), for example.

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