Who are the NBA TV studio hosts?

Who are the NBA TV studio hosts?

Studio hosts & play-by-play

  • Andre Aldridge (2005–present)
  • Brian Anderson (2014–present)
  • Vince Cellini (2009–present)
  • Scott Cole (2018–present)
  • Spero Dedes (2003–present)
  • Ian Eagle (2012–present)
  • Kevin Frazier (2021–present)
  • Michael Grady (2021–present)

Who are the Lakers TV announcers?


  • Stu Lantz. Stu Lantz enters his 35th season as an analyst for Lakers broadcasts.
  • Bill Macdonald.
  • Mike Trudell.
  • John Ireland.
  • Mychal Thompson.
  • Fernando Gonzalez.
  • Jose “Pepe” Mantilla.

Who is the main NBA commentator?

Mike Breen In fact, focusing primarily on basketball means he’s better. In some cases, much better. Breen has earned his status as the top announcer in the NBA for ESPN and has developed one of the most recognizable voices in the game.

Who are the basketball analyst for ESPN?


  • Cory Alexander (game analyst and the NBA on ESPN Radio)
  • Malika Andrews (sideline reporter, 2020–present; also worked as ESPN & ABC’s sideline reporter for the 2021 NBA Finals)
  • Jon Barry (lead radio analyst, TV studio analyst)
  • Matt Barnes (studio analyst)
  • Jason Benetti (play-by-play)
  • Jay Bilas (game analyst)

Who is Jared Greenberg?

Jared Greenberg is a versatile sports broadcaster, with the ability to serve as a host, anchor, sideline reporter and play-by-play broadcaster. Currently, Jared works for NBA TV and NBA.com as a host, anchor and reporter. Jared hosts a weekly show, “The Jump”, and occasionally fills in as the host of NBA TV Game Time.

How much do NBA commentators make?

NBA announcers had average salaries of ​$80,000 to $100,000​ in 2021; however, the highest-paid NBA commentator made ​$10M​.

Who is the announcer for the LA Lakers?

Lawrence Tanter
Lawrence Tanter (born October 11, 1949) is an American public address announcer best known for his work for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association.

Who announced with Chick Hearn?

Hot Rod Hundley
Hot Rod Hundley, the Utah Jazz announcer, who worked with Hearn from 1967 to ’69, says, “You can say, ‘That’s right, Chick,’ as many times as you want.

Who is the best NBA analyst?

So sit back, relax and see how your favorites stack up in the power rankings.

  1. Charles Barkley: TNT Studio Analyst.
  2. Steve Kerr: TNT TV Analyst.
  3. Kenny Smith: TNT Studio Analyst.
  4. Hubie Brown: ABC/ESPN TV Analyst.
  5. Chris Webber: TNT/NBA TV Studio Analyst.
  6. Mike Fratello: TNT TV Analyst.
  7. Dennis Scott: NBA TV Studio Analyst.

How old is Malika Andrews?

27 years (January 27, 1995)Malika Andrews / Age

Does Mike Greenberg have a brother?

Douglas GreenbergMike Greenberg / Brother

How old is Mike Greenberg ESPN?

He is a die-hard New York Jets, Chicago Bulls and New York Yankees fan. Mike Greenberg Salary: Mike’s annual salary at ESPN is $6.5 million….Mike Greenberg Net Worth.

Net Worth: $28 Million
Date of Birth: Aug 6, 1967 (54 years old)
Gender: Male
Height: 5 ft 10 in (1.8 m)
Profession: Journalist, Author, Actor

Who is the best NBA commentator?

Cory Alexander (game analyst)

  • Malika Andrews (sideline reporter 2020- present and was the Sideline Reporter for the 2021 NBA Finals)
  • Jon Barry (lead radio analyst,TV studio analyst)
  • Jason Benetti (play-by-play 2021- present- select games)
  • Roxy Bernstein (play-by-play)
  • Jay Bilas (game analyst)
  • Mike Breen (lead play-by-play)
  • Hubie Brown (game analyst)
  • Who are the commentators on tennis TV?

    Who are the commentators on Tennis TV? Nick Lester, Lee Goodall, Barry Cowan. Andrew Dewhurst & Mark Woodforde, Glen Larmer & Robbie Koenig. Mark Petchey, Roger Rasheed, Jason Goodall, Jelena Dokic, Josh Eagle, Barbara Schett-Eagle, John Fitzgerald, Nick Lester, Sam Smith.

    Who are the ESPN NBA announcers Tonight?

    The ESPN broadcast, which starts at 10 p.m. ET, will feature Beth Mowins as the play-by-play announcer, Doris Burke as the color analyst and Lisa Salters as the on-court reporter. There will be a total of 33 women on staff working the game, either on-site in Salt Lake City or in the ESPN control room back in Bristol, CT.

    Who plays Tonight NBA on TNT?

    nba on tnt doubleheader tonight! lakers/nets | 7:30 pm et mavs/warriors | 10 pm et are you ready?

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