How many goals did Messi scored against Atletico Madrid?

How many goals did Messi scored against Atletico Madrid?

32 goals
❗ Get comfortable and grab some popcorn to watch the video that shows each and every one of Messi’s 32 goals against Atlético.

When did Messi last scored against Atletico Madrid?

Messi has got on the score sheet in the last five consecutive matches against Atlético Madrid. The last time he finished a match against Atlético without scoring was on 14th February 2010, when Barça lost 2-1 in the Calderón, with a goal from Ibrahimovic.

How many goals did Ronaldo score against Atletico Madrid?

25 goals
His stats against Atlético are staggering: 25 goals in 35 career games, four hat tricks and—the biggest dagger of them all—two wins in a Champions League final while playing for crosstown rival Real.

Who scored the most goals against Atletico Madrid?

In all, Cristiano has netted seven goals against Atlético in the tournament: four for Madrid, three for Juve.

How many Hatrick did Messi scored against Real Madrid?

The Argentine enjoys a fantastic record against Real Madrid having scored 26 goals in 46 appearances wherein he also has 14 assists to his name….What is Messi’s record against Real Madrid?

Competition La Liga
Won 14
Drawn 6
Lost 9
Goals 18

Who scored the most goals against Atlético Madrid?

Who scored the most hat tricks against Atlético Madrid?

Cristiano Ronaldo
Cristiano Ronaldo is the ONLY player to score a hat-trick vs Diego Simeone’s Atletico Madrid… he’s scored 4 (FOUR) hat-tricks against them.

How many hatrick did Ronaldo scored against Atlético Madrid?

four hat-tricks
25 goals and four hat-tricks against Atlético In 36 career appearances against Atlético Madrid, who United host in the second leg of the Champions League last 16 on Tuesday, Cristiano has scored 25 goals – a haul that includes four hat-tricks.

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