How much is an Overfinch conversion?

How much is an Overfinch conversion?

The Range Rover Overfinch has been available in the U.S. for a couple of years, and prices start at $150,000 (not $280,000 as wrongly reported earlier) and rise depending on the level of individuality demanded.

Did Overfinch go bust?

Engineering expert Overfinch – supplier of bespoke Range Rovers to footballers and flashy celebrities – has gone bust. Based in Farnham, Surrey, the firm was founded in 1975, specialising in power and design upgrades.

What does Overfinch mean on a Range Rover?

Overfinch is the ultimate expression of the Range Rover icon. Since 1975, we have been redefining Land Rover models, creating bespoke vehicles that are innovative and spectacular. Our creations are the embodiment of exclusivity, comfort and style.

What is Overfinch Evoque?

The Overfinch package for Evoque elevates the existing design language with a carefully developed package of bodywork and aerodynamic components. The deeper, more aggressive front bumper and airdam incorporate the Evoque’s signature LED running lights, complemented by the unique Overfinch grille and side vents.

Who drives overfinch?

Overfinch, based in Farnham, Surrey, was launched in 1975 and operates in 15 territories and is best known for the Holland & Holland Range Rovers its has supplied to celebrity customers such as Jeremy Clarkson, Steven Gerrard and Colleen Rooney. It went into administration in November 2010.

Does overfinch exist?

The UK based company is coming to the US. Overfinch has been in the Land Rover modification business since 1975, starting with the first-generation Range Rover. Way back then, the Range Rover was a two-door vehicle aimed at farmers and not the luxury car market.

What is overfinch Evoque?

How many Range Rovers Overfinch?

Overfinch History By adding layer upon layer of luxury enhancement, the result is a distinctive interpretation of the British icon. Plus with production limited to only 100 Overfinch Range Rovers each year, the outcome is a vehicle that is as exclusive as it is desirable.

How many Range Rovers overfinch?

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