Is Center Parcs just for families?

Is Center Parcs just for families?

Many regard Center Parcs as just a family destination. A chance for families to reconnect, to get back to nature, escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, and take advantage of the outstanding leisure activities. But it’s also an ideal break for couples, groups and friends for all the same reasons.

Can you go to Centre Parcs alone?

Center Parcs – Solo. I had been thinking about a trip to Center Parcs for over a year but the fact that I would be traveling alone always put me off. The advertising does a brilliant job of targeting it’s family audience which, unfortunately, does alienate the likes of the solo traveller.

How old do you have to be to go to Centre Parcs alone?

We will not accept activity bookings from children under 8 and only from children aged between 8 and 12 at our discretion. They will be deemed to have consent from you and their parent/guardian to book and participate in the activity concerned. It will also be deemed that the activity is suitable for them.

Is there an adult version of Centre Parcs?

Wonderful reception on arrival. Sit and drink a house cocktail and admire the view of the rainforest while your luggage is taken to your cabin. Accommodation is excellent.

Are hen parties allowed at Centre Parcs?

I am sorry to advise you that Center Parcs does not offer any packages for Stag or Hen parties. We are a family orientated holiday and as such we do not encourage traditional Stag or Hen parties. If you wish to have a relaxing ‘spa type’ break please visit our website or call us on 08448 267 723.

Do you get a cot at Centre Parcs?

Baby friendly accommodation Our lodges are all baby-friendly, specially designed and kitted out to minimise stress and ensure you have everything you need. Each lodge includes a cot (linen not included) and a highchair.

Can you go to Center Parcs without kids?

Yes, Center Parcs, is brilliant for kids. Every restaurant has baby facilities, play areas and kids menus. The activities for children are extensive and there is plenty of room for them so safely run about thanks to the no car policy on the village. But it is also the perfect holiday without kids.

Can you sneak an extra child into Centre Parcs?

No sneaking required. If you sneak someone in, your not only being dishonest, taking revenue from the company, you’re also potentially putting that person in danger. On the minimum chance the place is on fire, for example, they wouldn’t know to look for them.

Do Centre Parcs allow stag dos?

Do we need to strip beds at Center Parcs?

Yes, though agree that it isn’t insisted on as much now, it is still preferred.

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