What does it mean pontificating?

What does it mean pontificating?

pontificate \pahn-TIF-uh-kayt\ verb. 1 : to speak or express opinions in a pompous or dogmatic way.

Does pontificate mean think?

To pontificate is to talk in a dogmatic and pompous manner. To pontificate properly, you need to be a know-it-all with very strong opinions and the urge to share them. Pontificate comes from the French word pontiff, another word for the Pope, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church.

What is the opposite of pontificating?

Antonyms. whisper shout close up specify keep quiet take.

Is pontificating an insult?

Someone speaking in a way that is pompous, haughty, or condescending may be seen as pontificating.

What is an example of pontificate?

To pontificate is to express your opinion in an annoying way, often because you go on too long or because you are too much of a know-it-all. An example of pontificate is the actions of a self-important professor who rambles on and on.

What does it mean to support something?

1 : to hold up or in position : serve as a foundation or prop for Posts support the porch roof. 2 : to take sides with : favor Which candidate do you support? 3 : to provide evidence for : verify They cannot support this claim. 4 : to pay the costs of : maintain His income supports a large family.

What is the difference between dogmatic and pragmatic?

In many cases, pragmatic is all about being practical while dogmatic refers to someone sticking to certain rules. Dogmatic people or things can also be arbitrary or intolerant since they revolve around specific morals or thinking while those who are pragmatic stick to what’s matter of fact.

What is the antonym for support?

avouch, validate. Near Antonyms for support. undercut, undermine, weaken. 5 to continue to declare to be true or proper despite opposition or objections. we support the students’ right to speak out on local issues that affect them. Synonyms for support.

Is Francis’s pontificate entering a concluding chapter?

In the wake of Francis’s surgery, Alberto Melloni, a church historian, argued that this pontificate has entered a concluding chapter, where he will have to make decisions about the final things he might want to prioritize. The pope of Rome sent him a full set of all the medals struck during his pontificate.

What are the two honours given to the pontificate of France?

In the course of his pontificate, he had received two singular honours. Rome held the pontificate of the dark ages—the royalty of the obscure; and France has been the pontiff of the ages of light. He sympathised with the projects of Adrian VI., and was a power during his brief pontificate.

What is the meaning of support?

2 an act or instance of helping. the team’s victory owes a lot to Joe’s strong support in left field. Synonyms for support. abetment, aid, assist, assistance, backing, boost,

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