What happened to other members of the jam?

What happened to other members of the jam?

Original members Paul Weller, Rick Buckler and Bruce Foxton have gone on to start their own solo careers, with the latter two even playing in a spin-off called From The Jam. However the idea of The Jam reuniting has been something fans have wanted since the big split in 1982.

Is Paul Weller still friends with Bruce Foxton?

After Weller dissolved the Jam in 1982, he and Foxton reportedly went decades without speaking. They met again at a Who concert in 2006, chatting for 10 minutes – and finishing with an embrace. Last year, Foxton revealed that they had again become friends, but that a reunion of the Jam seemed out of the question.

Who sang the song Going Underground?

The JamGoing Underground / Artist

Who sang were Going Underground?

How many No 1s did The Jam have?

By the turn of the 1980s, The Jam was the biggest UK Singles band. All in all they scored five number one singles, the first one being ‘Going Underground’ which alongside ‘Town Called Malice’ is arguably their most famous release.

Why did Steve Brookes leave The Jam?

Steve Brookes, co-founded The Jam with his childhood best mate Paul Weller. Deciding the direction of the band was not in keeping with his own musical influences he left the band.

What happened to the Style Council?

The Style Council split in 1989. About the break-up, Paul Weller said (in 1990): It’s something we should have done two or three years ago. We created some great music in our time, the effects of which won’t be appreciated for some time.

Who was in The Jam?

Paul WellerGuitarBruce FoxtonBass guitarSteve BrookesGuitarRick BucklerDrum Kit
The Jam/Members
The Jam was an English rock band formed in Woking, Surrey in 1972. The members were Paul Weller (guitar, vocals), Bruce Foxton (bass guitar, vocals), and Rick Buckler (drums). Having come out of from the short Punk movement they went on to become one of the UK’s top bands.

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