What is High Class Kdrama?

What is High Class Kdrama?

High Class (Korean: 하이클래스; RR: Haikeullaeseu) is a 2021 South Korean television series directed by Choi Byeong-gil and starring Cho Yeo-jeong, Kim Ji-soo and Kim Young-jae. The series depicts the lies, secret, mystery, suspense and hypocrisy hidden behind the perfect lives of South Korea’s top 0.1% women.

Who locked Yi Chan in the locker?

This was Na-yoon, who went out of her way to help Yeo-wool, but it is clear that she hates her. For one, she is the one who locked Yi-chul in the locker.

Does high class have a happy ending?

The ending was somewhat happy, with the shadow of Ji Yong disappearing from everyone’s lives. The ending showed the healing relationship between Yeo Wool and Na Yoon, it wasn’t something we were expecting.

What influenced Seohyun to become a singer?

Seohyun cited BoA, S.E.S and Fin.K.L. as her main influences to become a singer, expressing “I thought it was cool to show and communicate the emotions through songs”. In August 2007, Seohyun made her official debut as the youngest member of girl group Girls’ Generation.

What happened to Seohyun from SM Entertainment?

In October 2017, Seohyun left SM Entertainment after her contract ended. Her future activities with Girls’ Generation remain in discussion. In 2018, Seohyun was cast as the female lead in MBC’s melodrama Time. In March 2019, Seohyun signed with new agency Namoo Actors.

Does Seohyun write her own songs?

She co-wrote the songs “Baby Maybe” and “XYZ” ( I Got a Boy, 2013) and was credited as the sole lyricist for “Only U” ( Holler, 2014) and “Dear Santa” ( Dear Santa, 2015). In 2013, Seohyun debuted as an actress when she was cast for a supporting role in SBS ‘s drama Passionate Love.

Does Seohyun go to school with SHINee’s Onew?

– Seohyun went to school with SHINee’s Onew – She was cast in We Got Married. Her husband in WGM was CN Blue’s leader Jung Yonghwa, they were given the nickname “Sweet Potato Couple”.

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