What is the PLT 7/12 praxis?

What is the PLT 7/12 praxis?

The Praxis PLT 7-12, or Praxis 5624, is a Praxis Subject Assessment that is used by some states to test candidates’ pedagogical knowledge for grades 7 through 12. The PLT stands for Principles of Learning and Teaching, and the exam may be used by some states to certify teachers to teach in grades 7 through 12.

How many questions are on the PLT?

The Praxis PLT test is made of 70 selected-response questions and four constructed-response questions (short answer). To prepare for the test, you will need to study up on the following categories: Students as Learners. Instructional Process.

What PLT 5624?

Use this interactive practice test to prepare for the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT): Grades 7–12 test (5624). This full-length practice test lets you practice answering one set of authentic test questions in an environment that simulates the computer-delivered test.

What is the passing score for PLT 7-12?

Average Scoring Ranges for Praxis Subject Assessments

Test Name Number of Test Takers Average Performance Range
Praxis PLT – Grades 7-12 (5624) 31630 169-183
Praxis PLT – Grades K-6 (5622) 30084 169-183
Speech-Language Pathology (5331) 21766 171-184
Elementary Education: Content Knowledge (5018) 16665 160-179

What is an example of a constructed response assessment?

The simplest forms of constructed response questions are fill-in-the-blank or short answer questions. For example, the question may take one of the following forms: Who was the 16th president of the United States? The 16th president of the United States was ___________________.

How is the PLT scored?

On the Principles of Learning and Teaching (PLT) tests, your total raw score is simply the sum of the number of correct selected-response items and the ratings of your constructed responses. On the other tests, it is a weighted sum of scores on the selected-response and constructed-response sections.

How is PLT graded?

How is the Praxis PLT 7/12 scores?

How long after PLT can I be admitted?

There is no time limit as to when a person can seek admission to the legal profession after completing their practical legal training.

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