How much is 1k artix points?

How much is 1k artix points?

Select Points Package
500 Artix Points $2.50
1000 Artix Points $5.00
2000 Artix Points $9.95
3000 Artix Points $14.95

How do I spend my artix points?

How do I purchase and spend Artix Points for my Artix Account?

  1. Go to our Portal Site.
  2. Click Get Points at the top of the screen.
  3. Choose which Artix Points package you would like to purchase.
  4. Choose which payment method you would like to use.
  5. Click the red Buy Now button.

Can you transfer artix points?

Yes – but only if the Artix Points are unspent and if you want the transferred to another one of your Artix Accounts. We cannot transfer spent Artix Points to an Artix Account that is not yours.

How much is Aqw membership?

Here are the Membership Packages we offer: $57.95 – 12 Month Membership Plus 7000 AdventureCoins. $44.95 – 6 Month Membership Plus 7500 AdventureCoins. $39.95 – 6 Month Membership Plus 2500 AdventureCoins.

How do I contact artix support?

If anyone has any questions about this Battle Concert, here is the FAQ –…. You can also always contact us via

How do I change my artix account?

Under the Account Menu to the left of the page, click on Link Game Accounts. Select the Artix Game for the account you would like to link to your Artix Account. Enter your Artix Game Account name and Password. Click Link to Master Account – your Artix Account is a “Master Account”

How do I unbind my artix account?

Click on Unlink Game Account on the right side of the page. Confirm that you would like to unlink your Artix Game Account from your Artix Account by clicking “Yes Remove the Link.” If you do not want to unlink your account, please click “No, do not change it.”

Where is Artix Entertainment located?

Tampa, Florida
Artix Entertainment creates video games filled with monsters, magic, and amazing stories for mobile, web, and PC. Our team of 30+ developers is located at the “Secret Underground Lab” just North of Tampa, Florida.

How do I buy Artix game upgrades?

You can purchase Artix game upgrades using physical retail store scratch-off PIN cards. Buy a card at a store near you, and then use the PIN number on that card to get ARTIX POINTS. These points are special universal currency that you can then use to get any Artix game upgrade! What Are Artix Points?

How do I get more Artix points?

Click Get Points and select the amount of Artix Points you want. Choose the payment method, or type of card you wish to use. Click Buy Now and follow the instructions. Scroll down to see a list of game accounts linked to your Artix Account. Click on the yellow button under Account Info and Upgrades.

Where can I buy a GameStop gift card?

But you can also get them from US GameStop stores and Physical gift cards are sold on, and in US GameStop stores. If ordered from, physical gift cards are delivered via First Class U.S. Mail within one to two weeks and can include an optional gift message.

How long does it take for GameStop gift cards to arrive?

If ordered from, physical gift cards are delivered via First Class U.S. Mail within one to two weeks and can include an optional gift message. Digital gift certificates are sold on and can be redeemed online at or redeemed in US GameStop stores.

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