Is csl and 1010 the same?

Is csl and 1010 the same?

1O1O is the premium mobile communications brand of CSL Mobile Limited, providing a supreme mobile lifestyle experience to meet the needs of discerning customers requiring service excellence.

How do you load a csl?

Recharge Voucher

  1. Dial 179 179 from any phone or dial ‘Recharge Hotline 171 111” from your handset.
  2. Select language (if applicable)
  3. Follow the instruction and select “Recharge by Voucher”
  4. Key in the activation number printed on the recharge voucher.
  5. You can listen to the new stored-value balance and expiry date.

How do I call csl Hong Kong?

Please call our 24-hour sales hotline 2888 0008 (press 4) or visit any csl shop to subscribe!

How do I register for csl Internet?

Registration for Mobile Data or Mobile Internet service If you are already a csl customer, please call our csl Consumer Service Hotline on 1000 or Business Customer Hotline on 10088 to register. If you are a new subscriber, please call 2888 0008 now.

Is csl owned by PCCW?

History. In the 1990s, CSL was a company of PCCW (formerly HKT). In 2002, PCCW sold CSL. In 2005, PCCW re-entered the mobile network operator business by acquiring SUNDAY and setting up a new brand “PCCW Mobile”.

Where can I top up my SIM card?

Depending on your provider, you can top-up your mobile phone at most Post Offices, Payzone retailers and major supermarkets. You can also top-up at most ATMs. To top-up at Post Office, Payzone store or a Supermarket, you will have to purchase E-voucher or swipe your E- top-up card supplied by your mobile Network.

How can I register 1 month data in CSL?

csl Mobile Data and Voice Prepaid SIM Card (1-Month Package)

  1. Please activate this Prepaid SIM Card before the expiry date shown on the Prepaid SIM Card packaging by: i. dialing USSD code *109#; or. ii.
  2. This Prepaid SIM Card will be valid for 90 days from the date of Prepaid SIM Card activation.

How many employees does csl have?

CSL Limited

Type Public
Revenue AUD$10.61 billion (2021)
Net income USD$1.919 billion (2019)
Number of employees 25,000 person (2019)
Divisions CSL Behring Seqirus

How do I check my csl balance?

For details, please visit csl shops or call 179179….$298.

Main balance checking *109#
Subscribed service status checking *101#
Roaming Data Usage checking (Overseas) *101*2#
Password inquiry *111# (Use insert prepaid SIM phone)
Administration Fee $3 / 30 days

How do I get unlimited data in CSL?

Once the data usage from “2-hour Data Pass”/“4-hour Data Pass”/“30-day Data Pass” & “365-day Data Pass” has been used up, Data usage will be deducted from “30-day unlimited Data Pass ”….

Data Pass Charges & entitlement Subscription code
365-day Data Pass $68 / 10GB *101*937*7#
$168 / 28GB *101*937*8#

What is HKT CSL?

CSL is a subsidiary of Hong Kong Telecom (HKT) and was Hong Kong’s first mobile communications operator established in 1983, and also the first network to launch the world’s first dual band 4G LTE network with DC-HSPA+. CSL Mobile Limited.

Where can I top up my pay as you go phone?

Can you still top up mobile at ATM?

Top up at a cashpoint or ATM Most major networks also let you top your phone up from a cashpoint, which is convenient if you don’t have your phone with you but need to top up anyway. You just have to find an ATM with the green “top up” symbol (pictured above).

How do I buy CSL data?

Terms and Conditions apply. For details, please visit csl shops or call 179179….csl Local Prepaid SIM Card.

Data Pass Charges & Data Subscription Code
1-Day International Roaming data $168 / 50MB *101*732*5#
China, Macau and Taiwan $48 / 500MB / 3 Days *101*601*3#
$98 / 1GB / 7 Days *101*601*9#

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