What happens in Season 6 Episode 4 of Sons of Anarchy?

What happens in Season 6 Episode 4 of Sons of Anarchy?

The episode starts off with Unser’s beating and we see him shortly afterwards in the aforementioned Christ-like pose on a makeshift crucifix. Nero mentions in his alibi to Roosevelt that he went to an early mass on the night he was supposed to have killed the prostitute who was actually killed by Lee Toric.

Who is the little blonde boy in SOA?

Tate Berney
He’s only made one appearance on “Sons of Anarchy” and didn’t have any lines, but the character known as “Blonde Boy” made a lasting mark on the show during its Season 6 premiere on Tuesday (September 10), which depicted an elementary school shooting. The character was played by 10-year-old Tate Berney.

Who is the rat in SOA?

Niko Nicotera
Niko Nicotera is a German-born American actor best known for playing George “Ratboy” Skogstrom in the television series Sons of Anarchy (2011–2014).

What episode does chibs beat up juice?

Season 6. Juice returns to Charming after being away at the Indian Hills charter with Bobby. He is has to earn his way back into good graces of the Club. Chibs knows he can not get rid of Juice but has to “get right with it.” Chibs beats Juice badly at TM, but is seen at the end of the first episode stitching him up.

What is Jax’s second son called?

Jax has multiple tattoos on his body—one on his right arm of his father, John Teller, one on his chest for his firstborn son, Abel, one on his left arm for his second-born son, Thomas, and most noticeably, the crest of the club on his back.

Who kills Chibs in SOA?

Chibs narrowly escapes death from a car bomb explosion set up by Zobell to end the life of a SAMCRO member, causing him to spend about half of the season at St. Thomas Hospital.

Who ratted out the club to Lin?

Juice asks Lin who it was that ratted out the club. Lin finds it interesting that the club sent the rat to flush out the rat. Lin tells him that it was Barosky is the one who leaked out the location of the guns and all the information needed to set everything in motion.

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