Who ran against LePage and cutler?

Who ran against LePage and cutler?

2014 Maine gubernatorial election

Nominee Paul LePage Eliot Cutler
Party Republican Independent
Popular vote 294,533 51,518
Percentage 48.2% 8.4%

How long is the Maine Governor term?

The Governor is elected every four years, and no individual may serve more than two consecutive terms in this office. Departments of the Executive Branch: Administrative and Financial Services.

Who is Janet Mills husband?

Stanley KuklinskiJanet Mills / Husband (m. 1985–2014)

Who ran against LePage in 2010?

With 94% of precincts reporting on the day after the election, the Bangor Daily News declared LePage the winner, carrying 38.1% of the votes. Cutler was in second place with 36.7% of the votes (less than 7,500 votes behind LePage), while Mitchell was a distant third with 19%.

How did LePage get elected?

Lewiston, Maine, U.S. LePage ran for governor of Maine in the 2010 election, winning the general election with a plurality, 37.6%, in a five-candidate race. He was re-elected with a stronger plurality, 48.2% of the vote, in a three-candidate election in 2014.

Who protects the Governor of Maine?

The Executive Protection Unit
The Executive Protection Unit is assigned to protect the Governor, the Governor’s family, and anyone else as designated by the Governor or the Department. Members of the EPU are trained in personal protection, physical security, and threat assessment.

Is Paul LePage Republican?

Republican PartyPaul LePage / Party
Paul Richard LePage (/ləˈpeɪdʒ/; born October 9, 1948) is an American politician who served as the 74th Governor of Maine from 2011 to 2019. A member of the Republican Party, LePage served two terms as a city councilor in Waterville, Maine, before being elected Mayor of Waterville in 2004, serving until 2011.

Is the Governor of Maine Democratic?

The current governor of Maine is Janet Mills, a Democrat, who took office January 2, 2019. The governor of Maine receives a salary of $70,000, which is the lowest salary out of all 50 state governors, as of 2022.

Who is Dora Mills?

Dora Anne Mills, MD, MPH, FAAP, is the chief health improvement officer for MaineHealth, overseeing the nonprofit integrated health system’s community population health initiatives, including serving on the leadership team for the system’s pandemic and vaccine responses.

How many siblings does Janet Mills have?

Peter MillsJanet Mills / Siblings

Who ran for governor Maine 2010?

How much does the Governor of Maine make?

State executive salaries

Office and current official Salary
Governor of Maine Janet T. Mills $70,000
Attorney General of Maine Aaron Frey $14,271/year (first regular session) $10,158/year (second regular session)
Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows $69,264

How much does the Maine governor make?

Salary: Salary of $70,000 (since 1985) • Ranks last of 50 US states (see attached state by state comparison). Governor on the date the former Governor reaches age 60 or leaves office, whichever comes later. A Governor shall contribute 7.65% of earnable compensation to the Governor’s Retirement Fund.

Who is the Governor of Maine?

Janet Mills (Democratic Party)Maine / Governor

When is the Maine Governor’s election?

The 2018 Maine gubernatorial election took place on November 6, 2018, to elect the next Governor of Maine. It occurred along with elections for the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and other state and local elections.

Who is leading in the Maine State House race?

The gubernatorial race is the marquee of the State House contests. According to the poll of 824 likely voters, Democratic Gov. Janet Mills leads former Republican Gov. Paul LePage by 4%, barely outside the survey’s 3.4% margin of error. The survey aligns with previous polls showing Mills and LePage in a statistical dead heat.

What are the powers of the Maine governor?

The governor has a duty to enforce state laws, and the power to either approve or veto bills passed by the Maine Legislature, to convene the legislature at any time, and, except in cases of impeachment, to grant pardons.

How many governors have there been in Maine?

There have been 75 governors of Maine since statehood. 70 people have held the office; 4 of them served multiple non-consecutive terms. The longest-serving governor was Joseph E. Brennan, who served two terms from 1979 to 1987. The shortest-serving governors were Nathaniel M. Haskell and Richard H. Vose, who each served only one day.

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